Shaanxi Gemeite new materials CO,LTD is located in the central area of Donggao New Development Zone, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, which is known as China Titanium City. The company has always been committed to technological innovation and promotion in the field of memory alloys. It has now developed into a memory alloy development, production, technical service, application and promotion, large-scale operation of nickel-titanium memory alloy smart gaskets and other memory alloy products. Professional solutions for businesses. The main products are: nickel-titanium memory alloy smart gasket, energized shrink nickel-titanium alloy memory wire, nickel-titanium memory alloy wire, nickel-titanium memory alloy sheet, various nickel-titanium springs and stereotypes. We always adhere to the company's purpose of the customer demand, continuous innovation, integrity-based, sustainable business. Become a more professional and competitive memory alloy manufacturer!

Our company's production equipment has vacuum melting, hydraulic forging, wire rod, wire, wire, pipe, sheet production line. In September 2019, our company invested more than 3 million yuan to upgrade equipment. The first phase of the project added the Swiss online cold-drawn ultra-fine wire production line, and the ultra-fine wire produced reached the domestic leading level. The new 9-meter capillary tube production line and spiral annealing furnace were added. The materials produced by the National Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute and Baoti Group have higher detection stability than American Standard ASTM F2005 and ASTM F2063. The invention solves the problem that the internal medical wire material is hollow and easily broken.